Magic Balloon

Ta Do: Hands… on Science Season 1, Episode 2 – Magic Balloon Send your suggestions and comments!… Magic Balloon What you need: Water Lighter Balloons Candle w/holder How to do it: Blow air into the balloon, to about, just over a small sized balloon. Tie it closed, so no air leaks out. Light the candle (make sure to get an adult’s help!), then place the blown-up balloon over it. Watch what happens! Now lets add some water into the balloon before we blow air into it. After adding some water, blow air in the balloon to about the same size as we did earlier. Hold the balloon up, and where the water sits, hold that part over the lighted candle. What is happening? It’s not popping! The Science: The water in the balloon is creating a barrier for the heat to melt the balloon, so it doesn’t pop. But it is heating up the water!

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