Simple Electric Motor

Ta Do: Hands… on Science Season 1, Episode 3 – Simple Electric Motor Send your suggestions and comments!… Materials needed: Scissors Black electrical tape Copper wire (about 6″) 2 Batteries (AA) Wire cutter Wood screws Rare earth magnets (keep separated) What you need to do: Take a screw and place the head of the screw onto the magnet, making sure it’s centered. Place it on the side. Take the 6″ of copper wire and twist both ends so that it doesn’t separate, then use about a 1″ of of black electrical tape and place one end of the copper wire onto the sticky side. Tape the copper wire onto the negative side of the battery (flat side). Push down on it so that it’s stuck on the battery. Now, while holding onto the taped part of the battery, make sure the wire is facing outward (away from you). Using your other hand, grab the screw & magnet and touch the tip of the screw onto the positive end of the battery. It should stick to the positive end of the battery. Take the end of the wire and lightly touch the magnet, and watch it spin!

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