Cloud in a Bottle

Ta Do: Hands… on Science Season 1, Episode 1 – Cloud in a Bottle Send your suggestions and comments!… Cloud in a Bottle What you will need: Rubbing alcohol 1 Empty plastic bottle (1-liter is ok) Paper towels (1-2 is fine) 1 Cork or rubber stopper large enough to plug the opening the plastic bottle 1 Hand-held air pump What to do: Add a few "dribbles" into the plastic bottle, cover the bottle, then shake bottle so all the alcohol is all along the sides of the bottle. Unscrew the cover, and remove excess alcohol using the paper towel. Attach the cork/rubber stopper onto the hand-held air pump, then insert into the opening of the bottle. Pump air into the bottle, pumping until it's difficult to pump, then quickly remove it. Watch the "clouds" appear in the bottle!

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