Wave Generator

Ta Do: Hands… on Science Season 1, Episode 4 – Wave Generator Send us your comment! https://midnightscienceclub.com/paren… Create your own “wave” at home. Materials: 9-12 Paint sticks, or any type of sticks that are even in length & size Masking tape Scissors How to do it: Pull a 3″ length of tape, cut and place on side Cut a longer strip of tape, about 9″, and place in flat, sticky-side up. You will need longer tape if you are using more sticks. Tape one side down using the small piece of tape, while holding the other side down Place sticks evenly apart (about an 1″) Cut another long strip of tape, equal to the size tape that the paint sticks are on. Place this tape evenly onto the paint sticks. Make sure the tape is firmly on by pushing down on the tape. Hold each end tightly, making sure the sticks are not touching the surface, and start the “wave” by pushing on one of the sticks. Watch the wave!

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