Non Newtonian Fluid

Ta-Do: Hands… On Science Season 1, Episode 7 – Non Newtonian Fluid (Oobleck) Send us your comment!… Materials: 1 box cornstarch Container water (bottle of water) Cup Bowl to hold the newtonian fluid (oobleck) How to do it: *general rule – 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water* Put about 2 cups (don’t need to fill to top) of cornstarch into a bowl. Pour about 1 cup (don’t need to fill to top) of water into the bowl, while slowly mixing (use your hand or a mixing utensil). As you mix, the consistency of the mixture should be slightly liquidly when it’s lifted with your hand or mixing utensil. If there’s too much water, add more cornstarch, if too hard/dry then add more water. It may take several tries before you get the right consistency. You can add color to your non-newtonian fluid (oobleck) by adding coloring to the water before pouring it into the cornstarch. Enjoy!!!!

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