Lava Lamp

Ta Do: Hands… on Science Season 1, Episode 8 – Lava Lamp Send us your comment!… DIY Lava Lamp! Materials: Tall, slender, clear glass vase Clear plastic container base w/cover, should be able to hold the vase w/water Coloring Seltzer tabs (1-2) Vegetable oil (2 cups) Water (water bottle) Small lighting (preferably hand-held, flashlight) How to do it: Pour about an inch of water into the clear glass vase, then put couple drops of coloring into the water, mix. Pour enough oil to fill to about an inch from the top of the vase. Take the lighting, turn it on, then take the cover off the clear plastic container and place it over the lighting. The light should be shining through the plastic container. Take the vase and place on top of the plastic container that has the lighting. Add 1 seltzer tablet.. watch what happens!! Add another to continue the bubbling! Enjoy!

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